THE FAT PREDATOR DIET PILLS are a weight loss system with 4 stages that cross train your body into losing an unlimited amount of weight. Natural, made with plant extracts and minerals, they are extremely powerful and for serious dieters only! Everyone starts with the Fat Predator Level #1 Diet Pills. After a period of time, as you're losing weight, if you come to a stand still (plateau), you more to the Fat Predator #2, For if you ever plateau again, move to the Fat Predator #3 and then Fat Predator #4. For those that will need to lose more than 100 lbs. After Stage #4, start back at Fat Predator Stage #1 and add the Diet Intensifiers Your weight loss potential is truly unlimited.

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Fat Predator Stage #1 Caps 30ct

EVERYONE STARTS RIGHT HERE: Highest intense ingredients designed for synergistic calorie and fat burning,     

Fat Predator Rage Diet Tablet
Fat Predator Stage #2 Tabs 40ct.

THE 2ND PHASE: Packs a punch you won't believe, takes you to heights unknown, Ephedra.

Fat Predator Stage #3 Caps 40ct.

THE 3RD PHASE: Boosts your metabolism, thyroid activity and burn mega fat all day.

Fat Predator Stage #4 Caps 30ct.

THE 4TH PHASE: Crisp, Hard mood altering Enery, Fat and Calorie burning you see with Ephedra.